The Group Allio in GIE albatross

The Allio group has the will to participate actively in the history of the IRT Jules VERNE. This is why the Group decided to partner with other companies in a strategy named albatross ( Aprojectóñwith of businesses to the Bearnings of Actions THemic's Research to Oobject Sscientific). This association with aims to define a common research agenda and to have a place as a founding member of the industrial world of the IRT Jules VERNE in order to complete the programs developed by the major groups and universities participating in the Board of Directors of this structure.

Companies of this strategy aims to benefit from the means of scientific research that will be implemented to quickly advance their products and services to enable a very favorable competitive positioning. It is also to have a knowledge of the objectives of the major industrial groups, sometimes client companies of the EIG, to guide their developments in this direction and to partner with major projects for which their benefits are complementary.