Allio at the inauguration of the Fair Nantes

Gerard Allio, Company Allio and Jean-François Gendron, President of the CCI Nantes frame the economic advisor Indian Maju Seth.

Besides saris and Indian rickshaw, the guest of honor at the Fair, India made its market in the wings.

A very economical inauguration

"There are really economic wealth in Nantes. » The economic advisor to the Indian embassy in France inaugurated, Friday afternoon, the thirty-ninth International Fair Nantes. In traditional sari discrete, adjusted to a more contemporary jacket, Maju Seth knows that India arouses much curiosity today : "If it comes to culture, it also discovers a very modern country and Democrat. »

To better support the country's economic development, the government has a dedicated tool : Invest in India."It allows any contractor to quickly find help and advice on his arrival in India. »

Trade agreements for

Friday morning, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nantes, thirty companies in the region flocked around the counselor's ambassador to discuss potential trade agreements.

If the likes of Capgemini Manitou or working for some time with India, Other manufacturers are very tempted. As Lumiplan. Or Gerard Allio, for his eponymous group. He has already sent two managers on the ground in the field of automotive equipment."And within two years, I think we can conclude a joint venture with Russia ",Gerard announced Allio.

A region very interested

After the creation of an agency Invest in India, India also wants to install an office investment in France. And Paris is not the only city for this purpose. Nantes Has opportunities to get ? Too early to tell, but partnerships are already.

Friday noon, the region of Pays de la Loire, contacts very involved with the Indian region of Tamil Nadu will allow going further in trade.

A future international agency

Jean-Marc Ayrault, Deputy Mayor of Nantes, at the inauguration, also recalled the economic weight of Nantes, third city in terms of job creation. By referring also to the future international agency in gestation between Nantes – Saint-Nazaire and the ICC. It will actually put Nantes in the heart of future international developments. Its director is being chosen. Just as the consultancy that will floor on a name. Which will obviously Seller.

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Source : Article in Ouest France 09/04/11